Let’s play with pots and pans!

This activity will spark creativity and is excellent for self-expression and learning cause-and-effect (If I hit the pot it will make a noise).

But be warned: It WILL get noisy! So if you are living in an apartment make sure to give your downstairs neighbour a heads up!

My two little’s had a blast with this activity, and it kept them entertained for a solid 30 minutes, which is a win for mommy!

I waited until the littles were taking a nap before setting up (I knew I would struggle with the set-up if they were around because they would be too excited!)

I tried to use as many different pots and pans as I could find, I knew each one would make a different sound. I also grabbed some utensils for the littles to use as drum sticks.

I placed the pots & pans in a circle, I was going for the “drumming circle” concept.

Once they woke up and discovered the pots & pans drum circle, they knew just what to do!

It was a very noisy 30 minutes, but it was fun!!

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