Make ice cream with shaving cream for some summer time fun

I am personally convinced that ALL children like ice cream (or dairy-free frozen treats)!

Children love to eat it and parents love the joy it gives their child. There’s just something magical about it!

I’ve noticed that young children are generally attracted to the idea of ice cream, even if it’s just a picture in a book or pretend play dough, it seems to always capture their attention.

The “ice cream” theme can truly be used to teach young children just about anything … all in a fun and engaging way!

For example, you can use ice cream to teach counting (“let’s count the scoops”). You can write letters on the scoops and help your child build a really massive ice cream alphabet (or make their name). You can name the colours, you can talk about cold, frozen, melting….the list is endless!

Shaving cream ice cream activity

I love loose parts combined with sensory play.

I love watching my children’s creativity and imagination go wild when provided with these types of materials. This is exactly what makes shaving cream ice cream a great activity!

What you need:

All you really need for this activity is shaving cream and small loose parts (this activity is best suitable for children 3 and over. Adult supervision is required).

I was very lucky to have found a cute ice cream set that included a wafer-like bowl and matching spoons at my local thrift store. But you can use any spoon and bowl that you have in the house. You can even offer a real ice cream cone or wafer bowl!

Here are the loose parts I offerd for this activity:

  1. Coloured Alphabets (alphabet pasta coloured with food colouring and vinegar)
  2. Coloured egg shells (I crushed them and used vinegar and food colouring to dye them)
  3. Coloured rice (coloured with food colouring and vinegar)
  4. Crinkled red paper cut into small pieces

I placed all the loose parts into different containers and filled the cups with shaving cream. I offered a spoon so my children could scoop the “toppings” to complete their ice cream. My children enjoyed this activity quite a bit, but my daughter was disappointed when nobody wanted to eat her ice cream!

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