Name recognition activity using popsicle sticks

Most children think their name is the most awesome word ever! (I mean, they do hear it multiple times a day.)

So it makes sense that this is one of the first words young children recognize and are really interested in learning about. They love to know about every letter in their name and the order they go in.

What is a name recognition activity?

A name recognition activity is any activity that helps your toddler recognize their name by placing the letters in order. Simply put, it helps young children recognize their name!

And guess what? Recognition is the first step to your child learning their name (it comes before spelling and writing).

This is what makes ANY name recognition activity super important – it’s one of the first steps to pre-reading and early literacy skills.

That’s my name!

It’s super exciting when your toddler starts to point out their name. One day, you may be walking in a toy store and your toddler see’s a water bottle with different names written on them. If they see their name, you’ll probably hear a big loud “that’s my name! Look, look that’s my name”.

The only way for your child to start to recognize their name is to see it written. A great way to give your child more opportunities to see their name written is to label their stuff such as clothers, or write their name in front of them as they finish their art work or projects.

Hands-on name recognition activity using popsicle sticks

I try to offer a name recognition activity every couple of weeks. I find myself always thinking of new and fun ways to engage my 3 year old daughter in activities that use the letters of her name (thank goodness there’s only four!)

For this activity I used only 4 different supplies:

  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Coloured popsicle sticks
  4. Markers that matched that colours of the popsicle sticks

The first thing I did was cut some of the popsicle sticks in half, and left the others full- lenght. This allowed me to make all the letters in her name.

Next I used white pieces of paper and traced her name using the popsicle sticks. I coloured the drawing with markers. Make sure the colours you use match the popsicle stick colours!! (This sounds simple, but if it takes you a few days to make an activity like it does for me, you may forget and end up using a wrong shade or something, so better to double check!)

This is how the activity looked like once it was all done. Super simple set-up and a great introductory name recognition activity (don’t forget pattern recognition as well!)

Feel free to change up the colours and make as many different patterns as you choose!

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