Hi! Welcome to Beyond Milestones.

I’m Maja. I’m a full-time working mom to 2 littles, wife and Early Childhood Educator by training. The daily goal is work-life balance as I try to be conscious about the experiences I provide during my children’s early years and not so conscious about the constant mess!

I believe play has the power to promote every aspect of a child’s development, that is why I wanted to create a space to share some fun play ideas and interesting information about your child’s development. Sort of like a “one stop shop” for parents…with everything free of course!

I’ve always been passionate about child development and early learning research. And there’s so much amazing stuff out there!

But the fact is, research is difficult to access and can be often be even more difficult to understand. And what parent has time for reading the latest research anyway?

What can you expect to find here?

Fun play ideas, Child development infromation and the latest early childhood research.

No academic jargon, no fillers, no wasted space on intros and conclusions, just interesting facts!

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